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Design / Engineering

Venture Industrial Products, Inc. has graduate engineers on staff.  Each one is a top designer and master craftsman. They are at your service!  Product VALUE and QUALITY come not only from hitting all the dimensions, tolerances, and surface finish, it also includes interchangeable fit of matching parts, proper clearances between parts and understanding the overall appearance of the end product.  We strive to provide all of these features, all of the time. Every incoming job, whether small single part, or large complete cabinet assembly, is exhaustively analyzed and drawn in the latest 3-D modeling CAD system to prepare it for production.  Once prepared, and programmed, the customer is assured of getting the very best!  Please Contact Venture for your next metal fabrication need!

From Designer Sketch     to  VENTURE Produced                From Customer 2-D Drawings to      VENTURE Produced

Custom Metal Cabinet Design by Industrial Engineer - Laboratory Environmental Chamber - Designer Sketch
Custom Metal Cabinet Design by Venture Industrial Products, Inc. - Laboratory Enviromental Chamber
Custom Metal Cabinet Design by Industry Engineer - Museum Display Case
Custom Metal Cabinet Design by Venture Industrial Products, Inc. - Museum Display Case


VENTURE can work with any level of Customer Information:

Complete or Incomplete Specifications, Physical Samples, Graphic Illustrations, Conceptual Sketches.

                     Laboratory Instruments                                                                 Museum Display Cases


Confidential treatment of Customer information is a top priority.  VENTURE owns no proprietary product for any market. Our only interest is in serving our Customers with their products.  We do not design for market. We offer our metal fabrication design services only at our Customer's request.  

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